Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Am I dreaming?

Oh yeah, I think I may become an official jogger (insert shocked face here).  I had to wait a day to blog because it felt too good to be true.  I was afraid it was a one day crazy high, but turns out, this may stay for awhile.  Based on some feedback from 2 friends, thanks Ann and Jodi, I combined their advice and tried something new.  Paul, the handy dandy stopwatch and I went out for a 3 mile jog/walk.  Jodi talked to be about the Jeff Galloway interval training method and Ann talked to me about jogging slow.  I took both and started interval training with slow jogging.  I start with a 30 second jog, walk for 1:30 seconds, by the middle I was throwing in some 35 seconds of jogging and 1:25 of walking.  Sunday, it took me 49 minutes, but not once did I cry, get angry, have foul words come out of my mouth, in fact afterwards, we went for a 6 mile bike ride.   I enjoyed it, I liked it, it was  . . . FUN!  Crazy right?! 
I was afraid this was maybe a fluke, so I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it Sunday night.  Paul and I went out last night, I had to test this new way of jogging out.  This time, we started with 35 second jogging and 1:25 seconds of walking.  We threw a few 40 second jogging and 1:20 of walking.  In the end I even jogged longer to the finish line because I felt SO good.  Once again, I didn’t  cry, get angry, and no foul words came out of my mouth.  My time last night . . . . 45 minutes.  Oh yeah (dancing in my chair)!  It felt great, I had to push myself, I had to work on my breathing.  The change, it was doable.  I was 100% more comfortable then I was during my last 5K.  I signed up for another one on Memorial Day with the PriorFatPack gang and I’m hoping I have my new Jeff Galloway interval timer in the mail so I can do intervals during the event.

So what did I learn
1-      that yes, I have asthma, and if I don’t deal with it, it kicks my rear end, I must use my inhaler and use it correctly
2-      interval training is for me, I love love love it (still can’t believe I’m typing that)
3-      it’s okay to jog slow, new motto, jog like no one is watching!
4-      be open and willing to take advice from friends and you can tweak it to make it work for you
5-      to always double wrap my icky foot, again, admitting and treating my weaknesses
6-      to get faster and comfortable with anything, I must be consistent in my efforts (meaning trying something more than once and giving up)
7-      that I can be and do anything I’m willing to put the effort in to

Now if I can only get out of the darn 250’s, but it will come, I just need to keep sticking with it.  When I do reach 249, I’m going to know it was because I had the courage to be Unstoppable! 

Unstoppable "becomming a jogger" Mariah


  1. I never thought I would enjoy exercise either so it was a nice surprise :)

    Good for you!

  2. love it!!! So so so excited for you - and also excited to see you on Memorial Day!!!

  3. Go Mariah!!! Can't wait to see you!!

  4. WCCO did a feature on interval training last evening. Interesting.

  5. Unstoppable Mariah, totally see how you came up with that name!!! You GO GIRL!!!! I think interval training makes your workouts go faster to.

  6. Way to Go Mariah! That interval training is exactly how i started. I am so glad you tweaked the recommendations to work for you- that is key - enjoying the activity you are doing - or you just won't do it! Can't wait to see you again on Memorial Day!