Monday, September 5, 2011

Finding a new path

Hello my friends J  It’s been an interesting past few weeks with much on my mind.  I’ve taken some time to reflect quietly about my next steps as well as just taken a much needed break from being focused on weight loss and exercise.  I’m ready to re-focus and change directions a bit.
My foot is still giving me major issues, in fact there are times I struggle making it up the stairs on nights I have class.  This means I have very little I can do for cardio.  With the said, I’m going to start focus on weight lifting with my arms.  With my latest bump, I’m finding BUD isn’t the best fit for me since cardio is out the door.  I’ve decided to join weight watchers again, because I need something different during my time off of running and biking.  It’s so hard with BUD right now, because each time I plug in, I feel sad due to my small number of steps etc.  Once I’m back on my “feet” I will go back to him.  I’m nervous about weight watchers but excited to get back on track and loose some weight.  I know I need something regimented that will hold me accountable as I’m struggling to do it on my own right now.
A friend of mine Jodi and I have been taking back and forth and offering encouragement.  We are working to get our workouts in and drinking water etc.   We work for the same company so we are able to touch base easily throughout the day reminding to drink lots of water.  She’s a stitch and so much fun.  It’s great to have friends to partner with to help keep you going.
While I feel like I’ve taken such a huge step backwards, in reality I really haven’t.  I’m less then 10lbs up and many of my food choices while not perfect aren’t what they used to be.  I eat breakfast everyday, I have given up drinking diet coke everyday and we eat do many more veggies.  Grocery shopping is a completely different experience as we shop the “outside” of the store and eat so much less processed foods.  Hannah eats so much better as well.    I’m also still so much happier then I was 2 years ago.  My marriage is stronger and I’m more in love with my husband as ever, all thanks to both of us finding and deciding who we want to be.
I’m excited to announce a NSV of going to the dentist.  Okay, for most people the dentist is no big deal, to me, it’s terrifying.  Like full blown anxiety attack, crap my pants, I’d rather die before I go, I hate the dentist.  I cracked a tooth and really just needed to go.  I have an appointment Friday to get a bunch of dental work done and they will be giving me some medication and I’ll basically sleep the whole time.  I am really excited  to get my smile back and feel more confident about my teeth.  The closer it gets, the more nerves I get, but I'm so proud I'm going and know I can do this.
I have an appoitment at TRI tommorrow, hopefully I’ll have more of an idea of the direction we’ll go next with my foot.  Regardless of that, I’m happy to know I’ve got a plan in place to help me be on track for losing weight.  I really want to be in a good groove for the holidays so that I stay strong and away from adding on holiday weight.
Stay tuned for a very exciting post late in the week.  It’s been something on my mind for awhile and feel very passionite about.  My vision in starting to come together and I’ll be ready to share it soon.

Unstoppable “re-directing” Mariah


  1. Hey lady - glad things are going well. I'd like to meet for coffee soon! I miss you - and I totally understand having a lot going on and working through stuff. You are awesome and wonderful!! :) Can't wait to see you soon!!

  2. The dentist is the worst for me. Sounds like I hate it just as much as you do!!! It is nice that you have a co-worker that can help keep you on track. My co-workers do alot of that for me. Wow, you mentioned the holidays, those are sneaking up so fast!! Good luck!