Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh Lunch Bag . . . Where are you?

For some reason, today started out a bit discombobulated.  I don’t have an exact pinpoint of what went wrong when other than I just kept forget things and putting them in the wrong spots.  Who knows what I’ll find where when I get home.  Belle and I jumped into to car and headed to Kidstop, I was proud that I made it out the door in one piece.  It was only after I was almost to Kidstop thinking about my delicious food in my lunch bag and how great I was feeling about my points for the day and it hit me . . . .my lunch bag never made it down the stairs with me.  My poor lonely sad lunch bag filled with wonderful food all calculated out was sitting on the chair at home.

This presented a new “opportunity” for me to figure out good food choices in our work cafeteria.  For breakfast I had an egg white ham & cheese omelet and toast.  Lunch provided a bigger challenge but I ended up with a Taco Salad with no chips.   I’m trying to ignore the candy corn calling me from my neighbors desk . . . EAT ME, EAT ME, EAT ME, I did eat a few pieces and logged them as points but for the rest of the day, I will tell that darn corn to shut the heck up.  I’m doing great on my water consumption and am already at 68 ounces.   Great part about drinking so much water, it also helps me get more activity in because I’m making so many trips to the rest room.  Win/Win right J

Lunch is over and I’m back at it.  Hope all is going well with everyone out there!

Unstoppable “forgetful” Mariah


  1. Hey, how do I change my name here, delete me and then reenter???

  2. That is a bummer that you forgot your lunch, but hey you made good choices for your meals and on the bright side, your lunch is already for tomorrow!!!!

  3. Sorry you forgot your food! I HATE when that happens! Good job staying on track - I'm proud of you! :)