Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello . . . waving wildly :)

Hello my long lost friends.  As you can tell, blogging has been a challenge for me lately.  I’m out of my “routine” but starting to settle into a new one with my foot injury.  Since my last post, I’ve been to the dentist for the first time in years (WHOO HOOO), been back to PT, thrown for my first time on a potter wheel, scheduled an MRI and a follow up, signed up and went to my first weight watchers meeting.  It’s been a busy week full of great accomplishments.

I have been neglecting blogging because I’m somewhat lost for words.  It’s inevitable on long journeys, however just like being aware of what I eat and my activity, blogging is another key to my success.   As Ann often blogs about, I must FEEL the feeling.  I always get nervous this time of year as the Anniversary of my sons passing comes closer, normally I’m hit with huge emotions.  This year, I’m calm which causes some anxiety as I’m nervous I’ll be caught off guard by a flood of emotions. 

I found it interesting that my MRI is scheduled the tomorrow which happens to be the same day as Joey’s Heavenly Birthday.   I’ve been telling God I trust his plan for my ankle.  My biggest worry ironically is that they won’t due surgery.  I feel like surgery would fix it forever and if they don’t do surgery that I’m at risk for injuring next season just like I did this season.  Darn chronic ankle injuries.  I however I have decided to trust God’s plan for me.   It’s symbolic that I will give it all up to him tomorrow as I also have learned to trust his plan in so many other ways, particularly in aspects of my son.  I guess it’s all part of the journey right?

I also found out they need to do more dental work.  Oh yeah, I’ll never wait that long for my teeth before.  Doing this is way worse than being chicken.  I love my dentist office, they totally rock.  Since it took longer than expected they’ll do the sedation free for me this time.  It will be an even longer appointment but at least hopefully it will be my last long one. 

I may not be coming far in my “weight-loss” but I continue to find myself and come farther in my journey of finding who and what I want to be.  I love my new “calmer” self.  I like being able to take more into stride and see small glimpses into why.  I’m starting to enjoy the unknown and the surprises reviled.  I’m starting to listen more and believe in others and myself. 

I know I promised an announcement, but I’m a bit delayed in getting it composed.  I promise to get it done soon.  Just need to get a few more things out of the way first.  Thanks again for your continued support and words, they really help me thru the hard times J

Unstoppable “got me some bigger ears” Mariah

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