Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is the key to Balance?

I’m still struggling with life balance.  Balance with food, family, health, school, work, housework etc.   As I read other blogs and listen to those around me, I know I’m not alone in this struggle.  I need to come to terms with the fact that this will most likely always be a struggle of some sort and at times I’ll do better than others.   The moment I start excelling at one area, another seems to fail.  I have learned to come to appreciate the importance of holistic balance, it’s as essential to success in life as breathing is to survival in life.   
I’m slowly getting back into working out.  I plan to hit it harder next week as my ankle has also been slowly getting more swollen as I increase my activity.  Again, it goes back to balance.  Learning where that line is can be difficult as it moves as well.  Paul, Belle and I will be going out around the park Saturday for a family walk/jog, I’m really excited.  I miss and love that time together as a family.
Belle had conferences last night and it reminded me how blessed we are as parents.  School comes pretty natural to Hannah.  She excels at Math/Science and does really well in reading as well.  I joke with her that when I get to my college math classes I’ll be going to her with help, turns out it’s not so much of a joke as it will be reality as she’s already testing at a high school level. 
The past few weeks Paul and I have talked more about the Disneyworld Marathon in January 2013.  Tentatively we will be going 1/7/2013-1/11/2013 or 1/12/2013 with the marathon being on 1/08/2013.  I’ve gone back and forth with running the ½ but just don’t think it’s the right time for me. As we started looking at budgets, cost etc, it started hitting us.  Paul is going to run a marathon, it’s no longer a “one day” I want to do this.  It’s a holy cow on 1/08/2013 Paul will be running 26.2 miles.  I’m so proud of him.  I can’t wait to see his transformation in the next 14 months.  There are several race dates set aside for him to build up to the marathon, in March he’ll be doing a 10 Mile, next October the monster dash ½ marathon and then to Disney for the full Marathon.
I myself am focus on getting back to 5K’s.  This weekend I’m hoping to get a little jogging in, next year my goal is to complete my first 10 Mile run.  I’m proud and excited for this.  I dream of being able to do an international distance Triathlon.  It’s great to have goals on our calendars help keep us accountable on a daily/weekly basis.  Both Paul and I do better when we register for events to keep us in line.
Unstoppable “learning the balance act” Mariah


  1. Life can be a daily struggle, we will get where we want to be if we just keep trying!!! We got this!

  2. Balance is SO tough. I struggle with it a lot. I can't seem to do things a little bit. I find myself going balls to the wall or wanting to do the bare minimum.

    I think it is awesome that Paul has picked his marathon date, I admire runners so much! I have jumped back into trying to train for a 5k also. We shall see how my body holds up this time. I am like a dog with a bone... I just dont want to let it go. I dont want to see you let go either! *highfive* keep doing what you need to do! You will be back to gold in no time!